Early signs that care is needed

How do you know if you, a loved one or a caregiver needs assistance or relief? Learning to recognize the early signs of need for a loved one or symptoms of caregiver stress will assist you in evaluating your or your loved one’s needs. While everyone is different, there are common considerations that you can […]

Caregiver Checklist

The following checklist will help you identify your care needs. With this information, your health care provider can help you customize a care solution. View Checklist […]

Treats for Local Businesses

We thought St. Paul had an excellent idea with the “cookies for cops”, so we followed suite and we made fruit turnovers for our local businesses. Of course we couldn’t get to them all in one day so next week we plan on going out again with more goodies, continuing the process until we have […]

Another Amazing Moment

One of our CNA’s recently had a baby boy (Stratton). She brought him in to visit her co-workers and the residents, in the middle of her visit Stratton decides he is hungry. She was going to leave but the resident she was visiting said she would feed him. Thelma is 89 and has 2 children, […]

“A picture is worth a thousand words.”

What appears to be a photo capturing an act of kindness is, as many things in life are, so much more than that once you know the details of the story. Angie, our new office manager, was having a very hectic day. She was trying to balance her new job, errands, phone calls, etc. About […]

Care Conversations make difficult decisions easier

Care Conversations™ is about people working together toward a shared goal. Through information and guidance, Care Conversations helps people connect with loved ones, health care providers and industry professionals. Care Conversations provides insight into the care planning process and firsthand accounts of various care experiences. With the understanding that each person’s situation is unique, multifaceted […]

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