One Amazing Lady-Role Model

DON      I’m talking about our DON-Nancy Amaya-she is a fun loving, easy to talk to, team leader that is amazing as a DON. With her position comes a lot of responsibility that I’m sure I’m not even aware of, the stress level has to be incredible. But as Nancy goes about her day, you soon learn that it goes way beyond our residents medical needs and overseeing nursing. It is such a learning experience to watch her with the residents, using the buddy system showing how it really does work when executed perfectly. She enjoys being silly with the residents. The way she engages with them is awesome. But don’t mistake that for the genuine love she has for each and everyone of them. The level of sincerity and compassion she shows is unmeasurable.

For the past 2-3 weeks we’ve been hit pretty hard with respiratory and flu viruses affectiing our employees and our residents. EVERYONE was amazing don’t misunderstand me, working and caring for each other really shows what teamwork is all about. I credit a lot of this to Nancy. She was filling in, coming in early, staying late to make sure everyone was cared for. I had stayed one evening to help serve dinner. They had been delivering meals to each and every one of our residents in their rooms for several days (every meal) to help prevent the viruses from spreading any farther. So with masks on we went down each hall-I quickly realized I really need to work on my buddy skills, we went into one room in particular and we were striking out in every way. Nancy could tell so she approached the gentleman and siad I bet you would like…she named 3 things, the fellow perked up even smiled and said you got it- that sounds good! WOW The way she KNOWS these residents, every single thing about them down the their favorite foods is pretty amazing. She knows her staff to that degree as well. The list of things I’ve wittnessed about the way she does her job has been quite enlighting, touching, and inspirational. My perspective of what she does has truly changed.

What an inspiration for all of us. We are truly blessed to have such a dedicated, caring DON in our facility. Thank you Nancy, you are truly an inspiration. Nancy is not one for taking pictures so I had to crop her out of another photo!

Submitted by Carol Barnes, People Development Coordinator Golden Heights, Garnett, KS

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